Passion for direct sales!

For more than twenty years I have travelled through the world of direct sales. I feel myself at home in a huge branch spectrum: consumer goods as domestic appliances, jewelry, cosmetics... My experiences are spread from Europe to Russia and Arab Region to South America. With my complete sales knowledge I can provide you with individual support in any task and accompany you to sales success. 


The world of sales is becoming more and more complex, intransparent processes prevent sales development. Who hasn't experienced endless time-consuming meetings which do not lead to desired success? Complicating processes, elaborate reports and inefficient communication often inhibits working hours.


My approach is in transparency and clarity of structures and short communication paths. People should be in the center, those who carry success in direct sales companies: representatives, sales leaders, customers... In this way we can strengthen loyalty and enthusiasm. Result will be healthy development with sustainable sales and sales force growth. People with passion and visions are a key to success in sympathetic sales forces!