Competence from practical experience

Start-up consulting and aquiring new markets

  • You are presently founding a direct sales company and you have more ideas than hands which can do all the tasks? I can be your sparring partner who brings overview and structure into the task list and defines with you the relevant steps.
  • You are responsible for a German company and aim to 'conquer' additional markets? I know from practical experience how it works and like to consult you fully and competently. 
  • As a foreign company you want to profit from the purchase power of the attractive German market by opening a subsidiary or by cooperating with a local distributor? I know the market with opportunities and threats and help you to overcome possible obstacles.

Development of sales strategies


Regardless of your product or sales system - you will only be really successful if your strategy is clearly defined and known by all relevant stake-holders.

For you as the owner, general manager or responsible sales leader I am available to be your consultant, project member or moderator.

Building and developing sales teams


Sales teams are groups of individuals who themselves have individual motives and individual goals. You need to know and understand their motifs because quite often they do not fit with the company goals.

For achieving the goals of the company nevertheless it requires adequate incentives, empathic and goal-oriented leadership and relevant training.

I am here to give you necessary impulses!

To find the adequate sales system and the appropriate sales channel

  • Party plan, one-to-one demo or catalogue selling - crucial is the fit of your sales system with company, strategy, culture, product and target group.
  • Traditional direct sales, fairs and online sales are channels with growth potential. Let's analyze together which channel or even a channel-mix is best for your company and leads you to the customer in the most efficient way.